More Than Words

musicIt’s been said that voice is the original instrument, but it’s certainly come a long way since Gregorian chant. From overtone singing with amplified pop rocks to the point where speech and surly snarls become indistinguishable, each of the composers featured on this program have taken the vocal cords to their outer reaches and beyond. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that this music will leave you speechless.

Tickets are $10, general admission and $5 for Contemporary Museum members and students with a valid ID.

Featured Composers

  • Jacob ter Veldhuis
  • Missy Mazzoli
  • Ken Ueno
  • Georges Aperghis
  • Arnold Schoenberg

Other Concerts

  • Sept 9, 2008
  • Oct 1, 2008
  • Dec 15, 2009
  • Mar 3, 2009
  • May 6, 2009

Program Details

Prelude and Interlude Music: The Interview: When Words Fail by Jennifer Bangley Foster

Lipstick (1998) by Jacob ter Veldhuis
for flute/alto flute and boombox

Manto III (1967) by Giacinto Scelsi
for singing violist

Shy Girl Shouting Music (2005) by Missy Mazzoli
for soprano, piano, electric guitar, and double bass

Zansetsu (2002) by Ken Ueno
for overtone singer, violin, and electronics

Les Corps À Corps (1982) by Georges Aperghis
for percussionist and zarb

Pierrot Redux (1912/2009) by Arnold Schoenberg/Erik Spangler
for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Ken Ueno, multiphonic vocals and laptop; Julieanne Klein, soprano; Katayoon Hodjati, flute and alto flute; Jennifer Everhart, clarinet and bass clarinet; Tim Feeney, percussion; Erik Spangler, turntables and KP3; Steve Lesche, electric guitar; Poppy Crum, violin; Wendy Richman, viola; Nathan Bontrager, ‘cello; Joel Ciaccio, double bass, and Devin Hurd, piano and KP3.

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Facebook Access In The Workplace

Workplace productivity has always been a valid concern for employers, and the changes in how employees complete their work have led to new workplace practices to consider. Many industries have been improved and created thanks to technological advances, and many people work solely at a computer each day. The time spent in front of a computer can be extremely productive, but access to social media may hamper the work environment. Twenty percent of workplaces block Facebook on their company computers as a way to ensure adequate worker productivity. The real debate may be about whether this genuinely boosts productivity or hurts employee morale in the long run.

Allowing employees to access Facebook may seem like an invitation to slack off, and this outlook may be correct for some employees and work scenarios. Taking the steps to block Facebook may be seen as a way to promote better focus, productivity, and professionalism, but most workplace environments allow for some time away from working on a line, sitting in a cubicle, or working in front of a computer screen. Small breaks like getting a drink of water, grabbing a cup of coffee or taking scheduled time away from work assignments have been in place for decades, and there is a great deal of research that underscores how breaks can enhance concentration and productivity.

Some workplace environments may be enhanced with a ban on social media access, but taking the steps to block Facebook may raise other issues. Younger employees and others who have embraced the positive aspects of social media may feel alienated or constrained. Good employees may be lost as they search for more open work environments and new perspectives may be missed as a result. This attempt to foster productivity may be seen as a lack of trust, and this may impact company reputation and revenue.

A break that lasts for five, ten, or fifteen minutes can have a positive effect in terms of morale and completing work assignments. Employees who feel supported may show a greater sense of loyalty and responsibility, and allowing them to take a break by accessing Facebook may be an easy way to demonstrate employer support. Fewer people may be taking smoke breaks, but mental or physical time away from work assignments should still be considered. Accessing Facebook at work may lead to excess time spent away from working and lower productivity in some instances and the decision of whether to allow or block Facebook access for employees may depend upon the industry, the employees, and the work environment.

Top Ways To Carry Out Internet Marketing For Your Business

AlGore interwebsInternet marketing, also known as online advertising, online marketing or e-marketing is the mass marketing of a business products or services online. The term itself is vast as it covers different forms of marketing. It is vital for any serious company to employ these techniques as it leads to an increase in sells volume. Below are some forms of internet marketing techniques.

Search Engine Marketing
Notably this is one of the most important marketing tools. It involves activities that are geared at making your site rank at the top of other sites within the niche.  This involves use of fresh high quality content, pictures and videos constantly circulating around the site. When properly executed, the site improves significantly with high rankings and visibility.

Affiliate Marketing

The greatest advantage of this form of marketing is that the creators of the product do not undergo the great hustles of marketing. This is because with this form of marketing, the owner of the product/service looks for a couple of marketers who are renowned for driving huge crowds of potential clients to the site. In turn, the marketer is paid in terms of how much sales volume he/she brings.

E-mail Marketing
Currently, over 70% of the global population has an email address.  This provides a vast market source. With email marketing the marketer sends out emails which contain the products on offer, promotions and discounts out to a lot of potential customers.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is one of the trendiest, reliable, effective and popular forms of marketing thanks to the fact that social media sites have gained prominence with most people today. The desired message is spread from one user to the next by word of mouth, thus results in earned media as opposed to paid media. Serious firms must engage in active participation in such sites as it fosters a great bond with the clients.

With that said, any corporation or individual looking to incorporate internet marketing in its marketing strategy should carefully analyze all the options, and possible talk with a reliable Utah SEO company, to find the most effective method of marketing.

Interesting Facts About Engagement Rings

engagement ringOf course when it comes to the battle of the rings between the wedding ring and the engagement ring, the former would win hands down, in terms of significance and symbolism. However, this doesn’t mean that engagement rings aren’t important because they are equally important. If you are in a relationship and you want to take it to the next level without taking a gigantic step towards marriage then engagement rings can help you out.

Getting engaged is one of those occasions in life that should be celebrated. Although this momentous event would leave you with memories that would last a lifetime, it is still better to commemorate it with a tangible item like an engagement ring. The ring is worn by a bride-to-be for the rest of her life therefore it is going to be a tangible reminder of her partner’s love and sentiments towards her. These come in various styles from classic to modern to traditional. It is generally considered to be the duty of males to pick out such rings while the female remains unaware of the same; this move is said to be romantic. However there are exceptions to this stereotypiscal practice.

Traditional engagement rings are always made of gold, but these days people like to opt for rings other than gold ones to create individuality. Thus, other precious metals like titanium or platinum or white gold is chosen for creating engagement rings. An interesting fact about such rings is that a diamond studded ring is considered to be the most common and popular choice. Diamond engagement rings do not just have a traditional and sophisticated look, but it also features the inherent beauty of a well-cut precious stone.

The tradition of engagement rings dates back to the ancient times in Egypt where these rings first made their humble appearance. Prior to this, approximately during the late 1800s, people wore a decorative cuff or wrestle to represent an engagement. A similar cuff would be presented to the girl on her wedding day too. It was not until the end of the Victorian era that rings came to be used for engagements and weddings, which was a change that was readily welcomed because rings were more practical and easier to manage than cuffs.

Today, engagement rings are very important and they are chosen with utmost care and concern. In fact some couples also tackle things differently by going shopping together in order to hunt for engagement rings for themselves.

Skin Rashes And Allergies: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

baby allergyUrticaria is not a word that is often said in households, but the allergy is. Many people experience rashes that cause hives. While there is only one symptom and that symptom being hives and itchiness, there are many ways that they are induced by. These ways include but are not limited to:

• Heat induced
• Exercise induced
• Cold induced
• Stress induced
• Anxiety induced

When you exercise and experience these hives, they become itchy and are usually in places such as your neck, arms, legs and the bends or crevices of your body. This is because the temperature is what makes them come out. Medicines, food as well as the temperature also can induce these hives. They are essentially an allergic reaction.

Heat and stress induced urticaria is called cholinergic. This is one of the many physical types of this allergy and it can be induced by other ways as well such as showering, bathing with hot water, being outside and emotional stress. While the itchiness of these bumps can be taken away with an over the counter anti-histamine from your allergy doctor in Salt Lake City, the bumps may still appear, but won’t bother you.

There are multiple types of urticaria. This includes acute and chronic. Acute goes away but chronic is classified as lasting up to 6 weeks. If so, you may need to seek attention from an allergy doctor to be prescribed something stronger than a simple over the counter anti-histamine.

There are also different types of urticarial such as dermatographic urticaria, which happens when pressure is applied. When you apply pressure to the skin, you get raised results of what you have traced or pressed into your arm.

Drug induced urticarial is a bit more dangerous as this can lead to something more serious such as cardiorespiratory failure. If you have just been put on a new medication and experienced raised hives and bumps in large sections that are itchy, burning, stinging and red, then you should seek medical attention from an emergency room or your primary doctor as well as your allergy doctor.

These types of hives are very easy to pinpoint and control although there are no known causes for the heat reaction in cholinergic urticaria.